Bottle Cap News

March 2, 2023


Clint S. Rush


Trends in Caps and Closures for 2023

At Closure Systems International (CSI), we stay abreast of the latest beverage trends, and we are seeing some trends already emerge for 2023. Right now, four major movements are shaping the future of the beverage packaging industry: wellness & nutrition, consumer convenience, sustainability & environmental stewardship, and e-commerce sales.

Wellness & nutrition

Demographic changes have led to increased demand for healthier beverage alternatives besides traditional sodas and other sugary drinks, especially among millennials and Gen Z. These healthier alternatives feature natural, wholesome ingredients and nutritional content in addition to tasting good. This means that companies need packaging that can keep these ingredients shelf stable and ensure product integrity.

There is also an emphasis on smaller packages and portion control as part of the overall health and wellness movement. Beverage manufacturers need smaller caps to fit these smaller bottles. Some consumers are also switching from meals to liquid nutrients, which is driving competition in the space and increasing the need for shelf impact through branding and packaging.

Consumer convenience

Another demographic trend driving packaging innovation is the rising number of older adults over 60. This demographic needs closures that are ergonomic, easy to open and close, intuitive to use, and comfortable to drink from. Ideally, closures also should not produce unwanted waste due to extraneous parts, which can confuse the user experience.

Many other consumer demographics also appreciate a convenient, ergonomic closure, so this trend benefits all customers and will help brands stand out. If a consumer struggles to open a cap, that may discourage them from buying a beverage brand again regardless of what demographic they belong to.

Sustainability & environmental stewardship

Sustainability continues to be a major trend in beverage packaging, including caps and closures specifically. One direct result of this trend is the push for lightweight caps that use less plastic material, which also contributes to cost reduction and revenue goals. Consumers also seek out eco-conscious packaging that not only can be fully recycled but that also features post consumer recycled (PCR) material.


PolyCycle closures support companies in achieving their sustainability goals by delivering on the promise of a circular economy. Commercially available in polyethylene or polypropylene, PolyCycle uses “closure to closure” materials, creating new, food-safe bottle caps manufactured from recycled bottle caps.



Another beverage package trend we are seeing is that an increasing number of food and beverage sales are shifting to direct-to-consumer e-commerce websites (vs. traditional brick-and-mortar retail purchases). Consumers are becoming more confident with buying products, including consumables, online without having a chance to experience them in person first.

Even as it grows in popularity, e-commerce still presents unique challenges in terms of beverage storage and shipping. Packaging is a huge contributing factor to ensuring product integrity throughout this process. The packaging also needs to complement the online e-commerce branding and encourage consumers to make a purchasing decision even though they can’t experience the product in person first.

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