New Product Development Process

CSI is committed to helping its customers maximize their profits. This is accomplished by providing innovative closure and capping solutions that help brand owners enhance the marketability of their brands and bottlers optimize their total cost of operations . . . solutions that emerge from a disciplined new product development (NPD) process.

CSI’s NPD process entails the following “5 D’s” steps

Innovation Discover Sm


customer, consumer, and market needs
Innovation Draw Sm


concepts to address need gaps
Innovation Design Sm


preferred concepts electronically
Innovation Develop Sm


functional samples via Rapid Realization process
Innovation Deploy Sm


solutions using NPD stage-gate methodology
Your needs turn into ideas, that then morph into rendered concepts and end up
as functional prototypes in your hands within a month!

Studio C

At CSI, innovation begins with understanding the needs of the marketplace: analyzing global and regional market trends, conducting consumer research, engaging in ethnography, and participating in in-depth discovery sessions with customers. From there, every member of Team CSI is encouraged to brainstorm and share innovative ideas to address packaging need/gaps.

Studio C was developed to help advance a culture of creativity throughout CSI. The physical space is conducive to discovering creative ideas and turning them into valuable customer solutions.

Studio C is used to stimulate Creativity; Conduct and post Consumer research and insights; ideate, generate and display Concepts; and Collaborate with Customers, suppliers and teammates. Studio C also houses design software and 3D printing capabilities to bring package/closure creations to life.

Studio C Creations

CSI technology solutions that meet customers’ unmet needs, either by providing functional benefits or aesthetic appeal. Customers can maximize their profits by utilizing Studio C Creations to enhance the marketability of their brand(s). Studio C Creations include

A CSI technology that delivers closure solutions in any shape, size or form. If you can dream, we can make it!

A CSI technology that delivers complete graphics coverage that can be applied to any closure. Canvas Creations also includes colors, texturing and metallization.

A CSI technology that delivers printing solutions to customers’ needs. ScanCap™, Under-The-Cap (UTC) printing, digital printing and sidewall printing are a few examples of our Calligraphy Creations.

Innovation Caps Rt