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At Closure Systems International (CSI), we don’t just manufacture precision caps and closures: We also design, produce and service bottle capping equipment, cap handling machines, headsets, and chucks for almost every type of closure application, production and process environment.

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CSI capping machines

Bottle cap machines are the equipment that actually picks up, positions, and secures the cap or closure itself. Bottle capping machinery automates the entire capping process, improving speed, efficiency, and safety. CSI makes 10 different capping machines to suit a wide variety of applications:

  • Series PP136 Capper
  • Intelli-Torq Servo Capper
  • Series W138 Capper
  • Series 200 Capper
  • Series 200E Capper
  • Series 501 Capper
  • Series 900T Capper
  • Series 5000 Capper
  • Series 5000 Combi Capper
  • Series 8000 Capper

Capping equipment, parts or service questions?

CSI cap handling machines

Cap handling machines sort the closures and prepare them to be fed into the capping machine. Bottle cap sorters and handlers speed up the overall capping process and improve efficiency. CSI makes seven different cap handling machines to suit a wide variety of applications:

  • ES24 Elevator Sorter
  • FT24 Flat-Top Sorter
  • JetFlow Airvey Feeder
  • JetFlow / Elevator Sorter Heater
  • Closure Pre-Feeder
  • Rotary Sorters
  • SE24 Elevator Sorter

Capping equipment, parts or service questions?

CSI headsets and chucks

The bottle capper headset is the apparatus that picks up, positions, and attaches each closure, while the chuck is the part of the headset that actually holds the cap and screws it onto the bottle. If you already have a functional bottle capping system on site, but want to upgrade the headset and/or chuck, CSI offers the option to buy these parts separately and install them on your existing machinery.

Our headsets and chucks come in both adjustable and standard sizes to fit a variety of caps. CSI offers seven different types of headsets and chucks:

  • XT6 Headsets
  • HT6 Headsets
  • HT10 Headsets
  • VK138 Headsets
  • VK900 Headsets
  • Flex-Chuck
  • Standard Chucks

Capping equipment, parts or service questions?

Technical Service Support & Spare Parts

CSI partners don’t have to choose between high speed and high performance when it comes to industrial bottle cappers. In addition to precision made quality closures and capping equipment, CSI provides paralleled customer and technical service. We support our partners to maximize profits by increasing the marketability of their brands and optimizing their total cost of operations.

CSI Technical Services team supports every step of the capping equipment process, from initial installation to customer training to ongoing maintenance.

To learn about the benefits of our Spare Parts Program, check out this guide for further information. This program is open to all, regardless of whether or not your company originally purchased your capping equipment from CSI.

Capping equipment, parts or service questions?


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