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October 20, 2022


Clint S. Rush


Get to Know Closure System International’s Closures for Adult Beverages

When it comes to packaging adult beverages like distilled spirits, beer, flavored malt beverages and wine, manufacturers must balance tamper-evident packaging with ease of consumer use and branding opportunities. At Closure Systems International, we offer multiple different bottle caps for adult beverages that each offer their own advantages while showcasing CSI’s commitment to sustainability. Read on to learn more about what adult beverage closures CSI offers.

DS-Lok Closures for Distilled Spirits
Our DS-Lok distilled spirits closures provide an excellent balance of performance, affordability, versatility, and sustainability. We offer three closures for distilled spirits under the DS-Lok line: the DS-Lok 18mm, the DS-Lok 28mm, and the DS-Lok 33mm. All three of these closures work with both glass non-returnable bottles and PET non-returnable bottles. The 33mm cap is also designed with a pour fitment that works great for multi-serve packaging formats.

All of our DS-Lok closures combine reliable technology from CSI with the latest technological advances to ensure that products won’t leak. We also designed our DS-Lok caps to run efficiently within existing bottling operations for a smooth packaging process. CSI offers the option for custom molding on the DS-Lok product line so they can be used to enhance the overall branding of the product and increase consumer appeal. CSI’s closure family of DS-Lok designs is compatible with standardized distilled spirits bottle finishes.

DS-Lok Smooth Wall Closures for Distilled Spirits
CSI’s standard DS-Lok liquor closures come with a ridged exterior for extra grip. If your beverage brand is looking for smooth caps for its distilled spirits, we also offer two models that have a flat exterior: the DS-Lok Smooth Wall 28mm and the DS-Lok Smooth Wall 33mm with a pour fitment. These Smooth Wall closures offer the same performance and features as our standard DS-Lok closures, but also feature a smooth high-gloss closure wall for premium aesthetics and optimal branding.

Double-Lok Closures for Adult Beverages
If you’re searching for cutting edge in tamper-evident cap technology, look no further than our Double-Lok closures. We offer two closures for adult beverages under our Double-Lok line, the Double-Lok 28mm and the Double-Lok 38mm. Both of them are made of polypropylene and feature a patented tab tamper band design for the new standard in tamper evidence.

The Double-Lok cap is designed with both audio and visual cues to indicate band breakage and separation. This means that when either size of Double-Lok cap is opened, consumers hear, see, and feel the band separation. This gives both brands and consumer confidence that package and product safety has not been compromised prior to opening. CSI also designed the Double-Lok caps to have consumer-friendly, consistent removal torques for ease of use. The Double-Lok closure family can be used for various adult beverage categories, including beer, flavored malt beverages, seltzers and wine.

At Closure Systems International, we understand that adult beverage producers have their own packaging needs. While our range of standard sustainable beverage closures work for many of these categories, we also offer a custom closure option for brands looking to differentiate their packaging and optimize their cost of operations. Our new product development process encompasses five steps — discover, draw, design, develop, and deploy — and can get functional prototypes into your hands in as little as one month.

Contact CSI today at 1-800 311-2740 to discuss how we can partner on a new custom closure for your adult beverage business or to figure out which of our standard closure designs would be the best fit for your products.



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