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June 20, 2023


Clint S. Rush


Check out CSI’s Liquid Dairy Closures

June is National Dairy month, so this is the perfect time to get to know Closure System International’s many options for stock dairy closures. We offer five lines of 38mm liquid dairy caps that are compatible with most standard dairy packaging, as well as the ability to create custom dairy closures. All of our stock dairy closures have the option to be made with PolyCycle.  PolyCycle™ is a post-consumer recycled (PCR) material that helps our customers meet their sustainability goals. Read on to discover CSI’s liquid dairy closures.

2022 Final Polycycle Logo

38mm Cold-Fill / Ambient-Fill Closures for Liquid Dairy

Our 38mm cold-fill / ambient-fill closure line contains two different closures, the 38D-KF and the 38D-KL. The 38D-KF has a half-moon style foil liner for dual tamper evidence and a reinforced seal while the 38D-KL does not have a liner. Otherwise, the two polyethylene closures are pretty much identical, featuring a triple-lead HDPE finish, a drop-down tamper band with pull-up marks for improved application, and strip torque improvement over incumbent HDPE bottles.

38D Kl Top Printed 2X

Due to their versatile 38mm width, the closure line can act as a drop-in replacement for existing dairy industry closures. These dairy closures are compatible with both cold fill and ambient fill processes as well as both HDPE and PET Non-Returnable Bottles.

38mm Aseptic-Fill Closures for Liquid Dairy

The Asepti-Lok line is another collection of polyethylene 38mm closures that works well for dairy products. As the name indicates, the Asepti-Lok closures are compatible with the aseptic fill process. The closures feature three-point seal design that seals at the outside, top, and inside to preserve product integrity. The Asepti-Lok dairy caps also have a lube-free design that enhances bottling plant production efficiency.

There are different Asepti-Lok closures, each of which is compatible with a slightly different PET Non-Returnable Bottle finish. The Asepti-Lok V 38mm 2S is compatible with the 1874 finish and the Asepti-Lok V 38mm 3S is compatible with the 1875 and 1876 finishes.  Additionally, CSI is developing new Asepti-Lok closure solutions to expand this family of products. 

Asepti Lok V 38

The 38-D closure line is a collection of 38mm polypropylene dairy product closures. The 38-D closure line is compatible with HDPE Non-Returnable Bottles and PET Non-Returnable Bottles as well as aseptic fill and extended shelf life fill processes.  The 38-D can be sold with or without the foil seal and is also compatible with multiple lining materials for your ESL sealing needs.  Meanwhile, the 38-D-ML has a two-piece, lined design that offers secure re-sealing for on-the-go packaging.

38D Ml3 600X600 2X

38mm Hot-Fill Closures for Liquid Dairy

The polypropylene Extra-Lok closures feature patented “Bead Behind the Wing” tamper evidence technology. The Extra-Lok V 38mm is compatible with both HDPE Non-Returnable Bottles and PET Non-Returnable Bottles while the two other Extra-Lok closure caps are compatible with PET Non-Returnable Bottles only.

39 Extra Lok V 38Mm 2X 1

The Extra-Lok OD 38mm is 25%+ lighter weight than other traditional two-piece 38mm caps and also features smart venting for maximum anti-blow off security and safe opening performance.

38mm Plastic Carafe Closure for Liquid Dairy

If you’re looking for a new closure for your dairy packaging, consider our 38mm plastic carafe closure. This polypropylene closure is designed to fit Graham Packaging’s stock 38mm carafe and other custom and standard PET non-returnable bottle finishes. It features a robust seal to prevent leaks, protect product integrity, and offer secure tamper evidence.

20 Custom 38Mm Carafe 2X 1

In addition to all our stock dairy closures, CSI also offers the option to create custom closures that are perfectly designed to suit your specifications. Reach out to us today if you’d like to inquire about designing a custom closure, or if you want to get a pricing quote started for one of the dairy stock closures. Contact us here.



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