Our Position on Sustainability

Sustainability outcomes are embedded in our core business strategy, prioritizing three Impact Pathways: Product Stewardship, Responsible and Efficient Operations, and Partnership for Sustainable Progress.

Sustain Product

Product Stewardship

Utilizing a comprehensive lifecycle approach, CSI has embedded circular principles in all new product research and development, evaluating every aspect for improvements – from materials and design to packaging and transportation.

Design & Raw Materials

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Responsible Closure Designs

Post Consumer Recycled Material

PolyCycle® is a new Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) resin developed to comply with stringent food and beverage packaging requirements. Innovated by Closure Systems International, Inc. (CSI), PolyCycle® PCR resin closures meet performance requirements across five markets and has earned FDA-approval.

Our closures are 100% recyclable at all standard recycling centers, helping to divert solid waste from landfills.

Sustainability Product Pcr Material
Eco Friendly

Bio Feedstock

As alternative packaging materials gain traction with consumers, CSI is evaluating bio-resins and biodegradable plastics as options to reduce a products’ environmental impact.

Biodegradable plastics have many unique properties which can offer certain additional advantages during use and/or waste management, e.g. reduced processing time, water-soluble, etc.

Like other plastics waste, biodegradable plastics waste can be included in material recovery to be recycled or reworked by the converter, it can also be composted and/or digested anaerobically.

True Closed-Loop Packaging

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Tethered Closures

CSI’s Twist & Flip® Tethered Closure delivers a robust, sustainable solution to evolving legislation in the beverage industry. With intuitive easy opening for consumers, the precision-engineered hinged design increases the recyclability of the closure by ensuring it stays attached to the bottle throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Flip-top Closures

Our research and development efforts are leading the way in a next generation of flip top offerings that ensure the closure stays with the bottle for recycling.

All of our new sustainability technologies meet the requirements of existing and potential legislation.

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Disposal & Recovery

Sustainability Product Recycling


We make sure all of our closures are 100% recyclable*.