Our Position on Sustainability

Sustainability outcomes are embedded in our core business strategy, prioritizing three Impact Pathways: Product Stewardship, Responsible and Efficient Operations, and Partnership for Sustainable Progress.

Csi Sustain Opration

Responsible and Efficient Operations

CSI is committed to responsible business operations throughout our value chain. From resource conservation and energy reduction to diversity, decent work and living wages, CSI is transitioning from standard to sustainable operating procedures.

Responsible Operations

Aligning Operations with Sustainable Development

Packaging Sustainability Highlights

CSI understands the role sustainable packaging plays in building consumer trust in our customers’ brands and protecting the environment. CSI is driving positive impacts:

Minimizing Waste:
Optimize PIR/scrap usage to eliminate landfill waste

Ensuring Compliance:
Closures designed to surpass industry standards and meet global legislative requirements

Csi Operations Packaging Sustainability Highlights
Csi Operations Epr Support

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Support

CSI helps our customers prepare for EPR regulatory requirements. Proactive planning to optimize closure design, minimize waste, and maximize use of PCR content reduces risk and the associated costs.

Recycled Content Focus:
PolyCycle® suite can contain up to 100% post-consumer recycled content

Recyclability Assurance:
All closures, including PolyCycle®, are fully recyclable

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Management Strategy

Improving efficiency and reducing GHG emissions are integral to CSl’s sustainability strategy. Our efforts encompass all functions in our organization:

Key Activities:

  • Alternative energy feasibility studies
  • Procurement evaluations for renewable energy
  • Energy and grid surveys with power suppliers
  • Upgrading to high-efficiency lighting fixtures
  • Replacing antiquated equipment with high-efficiency models
  • Analyzing waste streams for reuse, recycle, and reclaim options
Csi Operations Ghg Management Strategy

Packaging Sustainability Highlights

Reduce energy intensity by:


Reduce GHG intensity by:


Waste to Landfill:


Water Bottle Disposal