HL PM 28mm ALB

HL PM 28mm ALB

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Key Performance Attributes

  • Dual seal design for enhanced product security
  • Offers robust, benchmark application performance
  • Aesthetically appealling closure design
  • Consumer-friendly, consistent removal torques
  • Protects quality and product integrity

Closure Details

CSI’s HL PM 28mm ALB (Hi-Lok) is a lined aluminum closure for aluminum bottles.

CSI’s HL PM 28mm ALB closure’s top and side seal design ensures secure sealing performance for carbonated beverages, including beer/malt beverages, and for non-carbonated beverages.

Since the aluminum bottle was released in 2000, Closure Systems International has been supplying aluminum closures to beverage customers with superior application technology.

CSI can supply any closures with appropriate liners matching the needs of different filling and pasteurizing conditions.