CSI’s Twist & Flip® Tethered Closure Design Helps Consumers “Keep the Cap On”

INDIANAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Closure Systems International Inc. (CSI) reveals a new tethered closure design that helps keep plastics in the economy and out of the environment.

As an active member of the U.S. Plastics PactSustainable Packaging Coalition, and The Association of Plastic Recyclers, we are collaborating within our industry, our communities, and with our customers, to eliminate plastic pollution and improve recovery and recycling rates,” said Richard Burt, Vice President of Business Development at CSI.

“Our closures are designed to advance sustainable packaging and procurement innovations, and drive progress against the Global Goals.

The Twist & Flip closure increases the recyclability of the closure by ensuring it stays attached to the bottle throughout the product’s lifecycle. As an added benefit for brands with ambitious sustainable packaging goals, the Twist & Flip tethered closure can be produced in CSI’s proprietary PolyCycle™ resin. This 100% FDA-approved Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) material provides a true closed-loop packaging solution. The launch of CSI’s Twist & Flip® tethered closure demonstrates CSI’s commitment to partnering for progress with a design that delivers – whether the priority is compliance, cost savings, or circularity.

With intuitive ease-of-opening, the Twist & Flip® closure does precisely that – twists and then flips open. The new design includes connector strands on the tamper-evident band that keep the closure attached after opening and allow the consumer to easily recap the bottle. A locking mechanism ensures an interference-free drinking experience by locking at 180 degrees when the cap is fully open.

As an active member of the U.S. Plastics Pact, Sustainable Packaging Coalition, and The Association of Plastic Recyclers, we are collaborating within our industry, our communities, and with our customers, to eliminate plastic pollution and improve recovery and recycling rates.” —Richard Burt, Closure Systems International, Vice President Business Development

The Twist & Flip® closure is precision-engineered to have excellent application performance on bottler lines while minimizing overall costs and closure weight. Dimensionally interchangeable with existing industry closures as a drop-in replacement, the Twist & Flip® design is commercially available in a range of product or pack requirements, including 26mm, 28mm, and 38mm diameters. The new tethered cap is available in 14 colors and clear to deliver superior shelf appeal and boost brand recognition.

About Closure Systems International

Closure Systems International Inc. (CSI) is a global innovator in the design and manufacturing of sustainable closure solutions. Covering a wide range of applications across consumer and industrial markets, CSI provides unparalleled customer and technical services for high-speed application systems. Our industry leading Research & Development team can conceive and construct bespoke capping equipment to meet your product and operational goals. Major categories served include carbonated soft drinks, bottled water, juices, isotonics, teas, adult beverages, dairy, foods, pharmaceutical and automotive fluids.
CSI’s cutting-edge closure solutions help customers maximize profits by enhancing the sustainability and desirability of their brands and optimizing their total cost of operations. From compliance to consumer satisfaction and resource conservation to circular economies, CSI designs our products to enhance your products, helping customers meet their environmental and social responsibility goals.
CSI is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, and produces 50+ billion closures annually across its 9 manufacturing sites.

For further information about CSI’s Twist & Flip® tethered closure or other closure and capping options, please contact:

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