Closure Systems International Introduces PolyCycle® PCR Resin

INDIANAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today’s consumers are demanding sustainable packaging, and smart brands are taking note. When it comes to sustainable closure design, Closure Systems International (CSI) has led the industry with materials development and lightweight designs. CSI’s newest sustainable development, PolyCycle® post-consumer recycled (PCR) HDPE resin, was created specifically for food and beverage closure applications.
More than 55% of consumers look for food and beverage products in packaging that is made from recycled materials1, and CSI’s PolyCycle PCR is helping to meet that demand.

With CSI’s groundbreaking introduction, select HDPE closures are now available with up to 40% PolyCycle PCR content in food and beverage applications, and up to 100% in non-FDA grade closures. Specifically designed for use in high-performance applications, PolyCycle PCR uses a proprietary product enhancement process to ensure closure performance is equal to that of virgin resin and outperforms the industry standard FDA PCR.

CSI’s PolyCycle PCR is commercially available for applications in still and sparkling water, carbonated soft drinks, non-carbonated beverages, and liquid dairy markets, as well as in various food and personal care applications.

For further information about CSI’s PolyCycle PCR or other closure and capping options, please contact:

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