Closure Systems International Introduces 38D-KL for Dairy and Non-Carbonated Beverages

38D Kl 2Indianapolis, Indiana – November 6, 2019 – Quality you expect, performance you demand, sustainability the world deserves. The new 38mm D-KL linerless HDPE closure (38D-KL) from Closure Systems International (CSI) is designed with consumer and dairy producer satisfaction in mind. Through its improved application performance and drop-down tamper evidence for additional security, the 38D-KL is precision engineered to deliver reliable performance on HDPE and PET dairy bottles. CSI’s 38D-KL is commercially available for applications in non-carbonated cold- and ambient-filled beverages and liquid dairy markets.

CSI’s 38D-KL closure delivers a sustainable solution and can be sourced with up to 40% PolyCycle®, CSI’s post-consumer recycled (PCR) HDPE resin. PolyCycle® PCR is sourced from recycled milk and other beverage containers, providing an opportunity for closed loop packaging and ensuring the highest quality sourcing. Both the HDPE and the PolyCycle® PCR version of CSI’s 38D-KL closure are 100% recyclable.

For further information about CSI’s 38D-KL or other closure and capping options, please contact:

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About CSI

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