Series 900T Capper

Series 900T Capper

The Series 900T Capper’s high performance and flexibility allow bottlers to apply plastic closures for a wide variety of applications at the highest possible speeds.

The capper’s stainless steel construction and easy-maintenance features help reduce bottlers total cost of operations.

Best Reliability & Robustness

  • Robust, durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Proven headset designs for consistent application and torque control
  • Full stainless steel design
  • Direct integration with any filler: various custom drive systems and pitch diameters to match filler, sorter, and other bottling line equipment choices
  • Integrated PLC with touch screen to monitor application conditions and provide effortless user interface
  • Auxiliary closure buffer for unexpected interruptions

Quick, Easy Maintenance & Changeovers

  • Simplified low maintenance requirements to reduce downtime
  • Industrial hygienic design
  • Open Cap-In-Head design
  • Lubrication-free spindles
  • Easy removal of spindle assemblies for quick maintenance
  • Easy-off headset design
  • Stainless steel cap feed and cap chutes
  • Tool-free cap feed and bottle control components for quick package changes

High-Speed, Consistent Application

  • Industry-leading throughput at 50 BPM / 3000 BPH per head
  • CSI Cap-in-Head technology assures proper closure placement at high speeds for optimized cap application
  • Standard turret mounted neck support for precise application control and alignment
  • Servo Independent Headset Drive technology with MSU Spindle Control System option for consistent closure application across all capping speeds

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