Rotary Sorters

Rotary Sorters

Closure Systems International’s SV Series Rotary Sorters are simple to operate and keep your capping operation running smoothly.

CSI’s robust, efficient rotary sorter designs allow only correctly oriented closures to be fed through the cap chute for unsurpassed capping reliability.

CSI Rotary Sorter High Performance Features

  • Maximum versatility: can be either post-mounted in mezzanine or mounted on top of CSI capping machines
  • SV2, SV3 and SV21 designed to orient flat closures, plastic and aluminum, ranging in diameter from 20mm to 38mm
  • SV131 and SV197 designed to orient both flat closures, plastic and aluminum, ranging in diameter from 20mm to 55mm
  • SV813 – 815, SV32, SV41, and SV50 designed to orient both flat and sport closures as well as wider diameter closures, up to 110mm
  • Simple changeovers: accomplished by flipping a switch
  • Sorting speed approximations (based on 28mm caps):
    • “ SV2: 350 caps per minute
    • “ SV3: 750 caps per minute
    • “ SV21: 950 caps per minute
    • “ SV41: 600 caps per minute
    • “ SV50: 800 caps per minute
    • “ SV131: 850 caps per minute
    • “ SV197: 1,110 caps per minute
    • “ SV813: 450 caps per minute (Sports Caps)
    • “ SV814: 600 caps per minute (Sports Caps)
    • “ SV815: 750 caps per minute (Sports Caps)
    • “ Slower speeds for sport and wider diameter caps
  • Markets served: Beverages, Food, Pharmaceutical, Automotive Fluids, Personal Care, Home Care and Custom Applications
  • Equipped with photo sensors to monitor the hopper level
  • Optional magazine for buffer
  • Upside down cap detector available
  • Can be integrated with any CSI Bulk Pre-feeder

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