ES24 Elevator Sorter

ES24 Elevator Sorter

Closure Systems International’s Elevator Sorters take closure sorting to a new level, incorporating innovative design features, advanced technology and reduced cost of operations.

CSI’s ES24 Elevator Sorter provides the ultimate in reliable, high speed performance and low maintenance.

ES24 High Performance Features & Benefits

  • Highest sorting speed: over 2,500 caps per minute
  • Unsurpassed energy efficiency: no air required to discharge caps
  • Non-contact closure elevating eliminates adjustments
  • Belt assisted metering optimizes closure acceleration
  • Flexibility for multiple closure sizes:
  • Flat caps ranging in diameter from 26mm to 43mm
  • Sports caps ranging in diameter from 26mm to 28mm
  • Remote easy access bin provides quick, reliable changeovers
  • Footprint: 2,195mm x 2,124mm
  • Standard Height: 3,800mm; custom elevation requirements can be accommodated
  • Integrated bin design available to reduce sorter footprint
  • Quick access to upper & lower discharge
  • Right or left hand discharges available
  • Full stainless steel construction option available
  • Integrates easily with closure conveyor or capper infeed chute
  • Markets served: Beverages, Food, Pharmaceutical, Automotive Fluids, Personal Care, Home Care, and Custom Applications

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