EZ-Lok mini™ 28mm

EZ-Lok mini™ 28mm

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Key Performance Attributes

  • Superior application performance
  • Universal seal engineered to pass standard carbonated packaging protocol
  • Holds up to 4.3 volumes of CO²
  • Patented “Bead Behind the Wing” tamper band

Closure Details

Offers bottlers a total packaging solution in an optimal performance 2-piece design for carbonated beverages.

Maximize with mini™. . . With the EZ-Lok mini™ 28mm, bottlers can realize significant packaging cost savings and reduce packaging materials in an easy-opening, classic closure profile using CSI’s proven Universal Seal design. With EZ-Lok mini, bottlers capture maximum value, which drives bigger profits!

Reduced Cost of Operations

  • Lightweight two-piece closure design
  • Compatible with 1881 bottle f