Double-Lok XT 28mm

Double-Lok XT 28mm

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Key Performance Attributes

  • Patented tab tamper band design for the ultimate in tamper evidence
  • Single-lead start, 60 and 120 Knurl options
  • Consumer-friendly, consistent removal torques
  • Industry-leading application performance

Closure Details

Specifically designed for PET beverage bottles to maximize CO2 sealing performance and product freshness under the most demanding conditions.

CSI research shows that filled PET bottles can be subjected to extreme “temperature cycling” – from 40˚ F to over 135˚ F. These conditions can cause shrinkage of the heat-sensitive PET material, which can cause a gap to develop between the bottle finish and the closure. The result is loss of CO2 and product freshness.

Double-Lok XT improves the mechanical seal and maximizes product freshness in conditions where extreme temperatures can cause package leakers throughout the distribution channel. CSI’s proven application performance and capping equipment provides bottlers with the best sealing performance in the industry under extreme temperature cycling conditions.

Extreme Performance When the Heat Is On

  • Innovative Double-Lok XT liner maximizes seal integrity and product freshness using a plug-side-seal design
  • Double-Lok XT uses the same effective lining material as CSI’s Universal Seal closure liners
  • Improved, robust removal torque performance across various spindle speed changes
  • Industry-leading application performance
  • Under-the-Cap Promotion – video-jet or laser capable
  • Optimal performance with Cap-in-Head equipment configurations

Total Closure & Capping Systems Solutions

In addition to precision made quality closures, CSI provides capping equipment and unparalleled customer and
technical service across the globe.

CSI’s closure systems solutions and ongoing innovation help our partners maximize profits by increasing the
marketability of their brands and optimizing their total cost of operations.

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