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Equipment & Technical

CSI Capping Systems are the industry standard for high-speed, high-performance production. CSI builds capping equipment for almost every type of closure application, production and process environment.

Ideation & Innovation

CSI is committed to helping its customers maximize their profits. This is accomplished by providing innovative closure and capping solutions that help brand owners enhance the marketability of their brands and bottlers optimize their total cost of operations… solutions that emerge from a disciplined innovation process.

The Markets We Serve

Kids Tossing Bottles


CSI has plastic and aluminum beverage closure solutions that satisfy consumers and bottlers alike.

CSI’s one-piece and two-piece designs are suitable for a wide variety of filling processes, such as Cold-fill, Hot-fill, Aseptic-fill, Extended Shelf Life, Pasteurized, and CO2 and Nitrogen Pressurized applications.

Tout Food Closure


CSI offers a complete line of narrow-mouth and wide-mouth plastic food closures perfect for applications such as Salad Dressing, Barbeque Sauces, Edible Oil, Vinegar, Peanut Butter, Mayonnaise, and Coffee.

A variety of sealing options and custom decorations are available according to your needs.

Tout Automobile Cap


CSI’s automotive fluid closures are specifically engineered to protect the integrity of your brands.

CSI’s caps deliver unparalleled leak-proof performance for consumers and easy application for optimal operational efficiency.

Ez Grip Closure


If you can dream it, we can mold it.

CSI is pleased to partner with customers on packaging that differentiates your brands, adds consumer appeal, and/or optimizes your total cost of operations. Give us a call to discuss how CSI can help you mold your company’s success.

CSI Careers​

Join our team’s mission to get our customers, employees, suppliers, and shareholders to say that CSI is the best company in the plastic closure and capping equipment industry.

Use these quick links learn more how CSI can offer you a career helping bring sustainability caps and closure to market.

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